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Tile is both beautiful and stylish. Long-lasting and relatively easy to maintain, tile looks great, especially when it is pristine. While tiles themselves are relatively easy to clean, grout can be more difficult to keep free of dirt and grime.  Light in color and porous in nature, mold, mildew and dirt tend to cling to grout, and get stuck in those between-the-tile lines. Grease too can stick to kitchen tiles while dark mildew stains are most prevalent in the bathroom.

Bringing in a professional grout cleaning expert can make the difference between just clean and looking fabulous. When you call on Allure Carpet Cleaning you can rest easy knowing that our trained crew knows all about the different types of tile and what to do to get all of those spots, stains and markings off. The tile and grout cleaning specialists of New Jersey, Allure works regularly with both ceramic and stone tiles.

Bring in Professional

Professional tile cleaning is the best way to get that ground in dirt that can make your tile and grout look dinghy and old. No matter how hard you scrub, you simply cannot get deep embedded dirt out. To remove built up grime and remove that cloudy film that strips your tiles of their natural luster, you need an expert hand. The trained professionals at Allure Carpet Cleaning have the knowledge and equipment to bring your old tired tiles back to life.
During our cleaning process, the tiles are inspected thoroughly to determine what type of materials they are made of; what specialty cleaning solution will work best; and what cleaning equipment to use. Once a cleaning process has been determined, those nasty stains are tackled one at a time.
Dirty grout is cleaned using a special solution designed specifically for your type of grout, along with a high pressure spray to loosen ground in dirt and wash away grime.
The final step involves removing any leftover debris and water to keep moisture from infiltrating the tile and grout. Finally, the entire area is sealed with an agent designed to keep stains from coming back and keeping your tiles looking great for months to come.

Ceramic Tiles

Available in two types (porcelain and non-porcelain), ceramic tiles can be used all over the house. Since porcelain tiles are less absorbent, they are commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens.

Natural Stone Tiles

Offering a high class look, natural stone come in a variety of style, structures and colors. The most common materials used for wall and floor tiles include slate, marble, limestone, and granite. Travertine too, is a type of low-grade marble that can add style to any room at a fraction of the cost.

Calling on the Allure Cleaning Team

Tired of tired and dirty looking tile and grout in your bathroom or kitchen? Isn’t it time to reverse the damage and enjoy a fresh and clean looking room? To return your tiled areas to their former luster and shine, call Allure Carpet Cleaning. Our crew is ready to come in, and give your bathroom and kitchen tile a fresh clean look.

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