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Water can seep into your home or commercial space in a number of ways, but do you know that it can severely damage and weaken the structural integrity and health of your property as well as its market value? At Allure Carpet Cleaning, we care about our customers and aim to educate them about the dangers of water damage and what we can do them for restoring their property in Burlingame.


What are the Causes of Water Damage?

There are many reasons water damage can happen to your residential or commercial property. Here we have highlighted some of the most common reasons that your property might be suffering from water damage:

Faulty Plumbing

Plumbing pipes burst or crack during winters due to the extreme drop in temperatures. This generally takes place in areas like the basement, where the lack of proper heating results in such a phenomenon. If the basement or any other area suffers from water damage, it will soon likely to spread throughout your property.

Appliance Problems

Broken washing machine hoses, overflowing toilets, leaking hot water tanks, and faulty sump pumps are some of the common sources of water damage. Such appliance failures cause water to seep into the structure of your property, causing water damage.

Natural Disasters

Nature can be unforgiving sometimes. For example, in winters, your roof can develop ice dams; in autumn, rains result in leaky roofs; and in summers, storms can flood your basement. All of these are major sources of water damage for your property.

What happens If you Don’t Address Water Damage?

To ensure that your property doesn’t undergo any significant damage, water damage must be addressed promptly. If not, your commercial or residential space can suffer from severe structural damage over time, which may not be reversible in some cases.
The buildup of moisture can breed mold and mildew in your property, which is known to cause breathing and other health problems in the occupants. Not only that, mold can also ramp up the damage to your property from the seeped water. Keep in mind that the time taken to clean the water from the property directly relates to the amount of damage caused. According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), there are three levels or categories of water damage. If your property has Category 3 water damage, this means that you need to act quickly and take care of the issue or else you can put the health of the occupants in danger.

Let the Professionals Handle Water Damage in your Property in Burlingame

Water damage can be disastrous for your property if not taken care of in a timely manner. That’s why it is best that you work with the professionals at Allure Carpet Cleaning to handle water damage before it spirals out of control. We have experienced and trained water damage restoration experts who are certified from acclaimed organizations, including the RSA and IIRC. Our technicians have resolved hundreds of cases of water damage on a monthly basis and can promptly take care of your property using environmentally-friendly techniques. Get in touch with us at (650) 282-1592 today to schedule an appointment in Burlingame.

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