High-Quality Carpet Cleaning Services in Concord

Does your carpet look dirty and worn out and affecting the appeal of your interior décor? At Allure Carpet Cleaning, we provide you with top-notch carpet cleaning services that are backed by over a decade of experience and expertise of serving customers in the Concord. Learn why customers keep recommending us to others and what makes our carpet cleaning and other services top rated in Concord.

Our Services

Cleaning carpets is not an easy task, which requires time, effort, and the right technique to get the desired results. Allure Carpet Cleaning offers a wide range of cleaning services to customers in Concord, including:

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Rug Cleaning

Beating your rugs isn’t enough to restore their appeal – you need to get them properly cleaned, and we can do that for you.

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Carpet Cleaning

Whether you have a woolen, nylon, or polyester carpet, our expert carpet cleaners know the right way to clean them, making sure they retain their beauty.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery can gather a lot of dirt and grime, and to ensure that it doesn’t destroy the look of your furniture, you should get professional help for cleaning it.

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Sofa Cleaning

Due to heavy usage, sofas accumulate dirt, stains, and marks that are hard to remove. We can help you properly clean them out.

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Mattress Cleaning

If you think that you have no other choice but to throw away your dirty mattress,give us a chance, and we’ll change your mind.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water can tarnish the look and integrity of rugs, carpets, and furniture. We can help you prevent that through our water damage restoration services.

Carpet Cleaning

The cleaners at Allure Carpeting Cleaning have expertise and knowledge of cleaning carpets of all materials, including but not limited to:

  • Berber
  • Cable
  • Frieze
  • Multi-loop
  • Plush
  • Saxony
  • Textured cut pile

We use products and techniques that ensure your carpet doesn’t look dull, old, or worn out afterwards. Not only that, the products we use are completely safe and won’t harm your loved ones in any way.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs lose their luster and appeal if they are not cleaned properly every once in a while. If you want to maintain the look of your rug, it is essential that you let a professional take care of it. We offer top-notch cleaning services for different types of rugs, such as:

  • Acrylic
  • Chenille
  • Cotton
  • Jute
  • Silk
  • Synthetic material
  • Wool

You will be left amazed to see the cleaned rug when we deliver it back to you.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery attracts all kinds of dirt and grime, and you need to have it cleaned every now and then to make sure your loved ones don’t develop any diseases. Our certified cleaners are capable of cleaning a variety of upholstery fabrics, such as:

  • Chenille
  • Chintz
  • Damask
  • Mohair
  • Velvet

Our breath back life into your upholstery and restore the beauty of your furniture.

Sofa Cleaning

Your sofa may look sturdy, but due to its high usage, it is bound to accumulate dirt, catch stains, or get fur of your furry friends. To ensure that the most used furniture of your house or office retains its look, we can clean it and get it back to its former glory so that you can enjoy spending your time comfortably on it.

Mattress Cleaning

Cleaning mattresses isn’t a DIY project you can take on and get good results. It takes a different set of techniques to clean mattresses and remove dirt, stains, and liquid contaminants that seeped deep inside its foam. We can handle all kinds of mattresses, whether it is a memory foam, a waterbed, or a spring mattress.

Best Carpet Cleaners for Spotless Carpets In Concord

Whether you want to get your carpet, rug, mattress, or sofa cleaned of dirt, grime, pet doings, or stains, you can count on our certified cleaners to handle the job for you. To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, call us at (925) 690-2129 today!


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Clients Testimonials

100% Satisfaction

"Tom just left and he did a wonderful job. This company does care about their customers. I can recommend, and my carpets and furniture are now fresh and clean despite my cats’ best efforts to ruin them."

- Jane Foran

Highly Recommended

"After wasting an entire Saturday on trying to clean my carpets on my own, I decided to give you a call. At first I was a little hesitant to pay someone to do something I thought I could do myself, but I am glad I did!"

- Saffiyah Azimulla


"Highly recommend this company. Everyone was professional and courteous from beginning to end. They were able to restore my carpets to the original form."

- Alan Sasson

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