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Mattress is one of the most used things in any household, as people spend a good 6-12 hours on it every day for sleeping, reading, watching TV, and other activities. Due to its high usage, health experts have recommended that it should be cleaned or changed at least once in a year. Having a clean mattress ensures comfort and a sounder sleep as compared to dirty, smelly, bacteria-ridden one. We understand the importance of clean mattresses for the wellbeing of our customers and offer state-of-the-art mattress cleaning services in the Pinole and beyond.

Why You Should Consider Mattress Cleaning

There are a number of scenarios that could lead your mattress to becoming the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. For example, if you have pets that either sleep with you in your bed or spend some time on it, your mattress is likely to have a lot of their fur, dander, and dirt. Another scenario may be when you are sick and cough and sneeze on your mattress, accumulating germs that others might catch. In addition, since mattresses are completely exposed, dust accumulates over time and seeps deep into the mattress, which might attract dust mites. Due to this, you can suffer from itchiness, allergic reactions, and other health related issues.

To make sure that you sleep on a clean, fresh smelling mattress, you should consider opting for a professional cleaning service. At Allure Carpet Cleaning, we have the latest equipment that enables us to deep clean your mattress. Through deep cleaning, we reach the inner most fibers, removing most of the bacteria, germs, and dirt, and giving you a good-as-new mattress to sleep on.


Quick and Top-Notch Mattress Cleaning Services in

Mattresses, if left uncleaned for too long, tend to develop unpleasant odor and become unsightly due to dirt and dust. If you sweat while you sleep, then most of it will be absorbed by the mattress, leaving visible stains. Families with small children may require cleaning mattresses more frequently, as they tend to wet the bed in sleep. This may cause the mattress to retain the moisture and the odor. Not only that, if you have a habit of eating and drinking in the bed, it may attract ants and other pests.

It is a good idea to get your mattress cleaned if you have had a bedbug infestation. This is because after the extermination, there might still be fecal debris and exoskeletons of the bedbugs in your mattress. For all of these reasons and more, mattress cleaning every once in six months or a year should be on your priority list. You can rely on Allure Carpet Cleaning to help you clear out your mattress from all kinds of bacteria, dirt, and stains through our deep cleaning services.

Professional Mattress Cleaning For Surefire Results

While you find many DIY solutions on the Internet, nothing beats proper deep cleaning that cleans the deepest parts of the mattress. Not only that, most products used for such solutions are chemical based and harmful to your health. That’s why it’s better to go for a professional cleaning service that has extensive experience in cleaning mattress and certified cleaners for the job, just like Allure Carpet Cleaning. Here are some benefits of hiring us for your mattress cleaning:

  • RSA and IICRC certified cleaners.
  • Remove mattress stains.
  • Deep cleaning for clearing out mites, dust, and residue.
  • Organic, green cleaning products.
  • Affordable rates with amazing results.

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