Professional Sofa Cleaning in Pinole?

Sofas and couches are the favorite spot for most people for a number of activities, such as reading books, listening to music, watching TV, and chatting with friends. Not only that, sofas are known to enhance the appeal of the interior décor of living rooms, but only when they are in good condition. While they are used quite frequently, not much attention is given to their cleanliness, making them all covered in dirt, grime, and stains. You can let us take care of your favorite seat in the house, and we’ll make sure its upholstery looks are good as new.

Professional Cleaners for All Kind of Sofas

At Allure Carpet Cleaning, we hire only professional, experienced cleaners who have completed certifications from acclaimed organizations, such as the RSA and IICRC. Our employees are also insured and licensed and undergo continuous training to ensure that we uphold the standard of our services at all times. Our sofa cleaners are capable of handling all types of sofas, regardless of their upholstery material. We thoroughly inspect your furniture before moving ahead with the cleaning process. We can clean sofa made of materials, like:

  • Wool
  • Vinyl
  • Polyester
  • Leather
  • Cotton

Proven Upholstery Cleaning Methods for your Sofas

Since the upholstery on sofas is made of different materials, they are treated and cleaned using different cleansers and methods. For example, materials like leather, don’t hold up well against water, making people think that leather sofas cannot be cleaned thoroughly. Fortunately, our sofa cleaning technicians know the right methods of cleaning such furnishings. We use dry upholstery cleaning that we administer through our modern gear and high-quality supplies. We use specialized creams, heat treatments, and high-temperature carbonation to achieve deep,thorough cleaning without damaging the fabric.

For other types of materials, our technicians use enzyme-based cleaning coupled with vacuuming to eliminate stains. We use top-quality detergents along with hot water to remove grime from your upholstery. Once grime is extracted, we use a cloth to remove the excess soap, leaving your sofa looking like brand new!

Deep Cleaning and Deodorizing your Upholstery in Pinole

Families with kids and pets are constantly worrying about their furnishings being a home ground for bacteria and germs that can cause diseases. With Allure Carpet Cleaning, you can rest assured that we thoroughly clean your upholstery and remove bacteria, dust mites, and germs from the deepest fiber of your sofa. When we are done with our job, you will have an amazing looking, fresh smelling sofa for all your favorite activities.


Get the Most Reliable Cleaners to Take Care of your Sofa

At Allure Carpet Cleaning, we make sure that we retain our title of being the most reliable cleaner in the entire Pinole and beyond. For that, we maintain a staff of technicians that have been certified from renowned agencies, such as the RSA and IICRC. They are also insured and licensed, as well as have significant experience in cleaning sofas using our tried and test methods and nontoxic, green products.

So if you are looking for a professional sofa cleaning company, your search ends here. Drop us a line today to book our service in the Pinole that suits your schedule, and we’ll be happy to cater to your request.


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"Tom just left and he did a wonderful job. This company does care about their customers. I can recommend, and my carpets and furniture are now fresh and clean despite my cats’ best efforts to ruin them."

- Jane Foran

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"After wasting an entire Saturday on trying to clean my carpets on my own, I decided to give you a call. At first I was a little hesitant to pay someone to do something I thought I could do myself, but I am glad I did!"

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"Highly recommend this company. Everyone was professional and courteous from beginning to end. They were able to restore my carpets to the original form."

- Alan Sasson

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