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Carpet Cleaning Montclair

At one time or another, most if not all of the residents of Montclair, New Jersey probably found themselves wishing that they had professional cleaning help to help them maintain their homes. While most of these residents don’t want or need a full time maid, many residents could use a little help with those more difficult and periodic cleaning jobs that need to be done for time to time. For example across the nation that is roughly 10 thousand searches for professional carpet cleaning a month and if Montclair is like the rest of the nation, then the residents here find that periodic carpet cleaning a time consuming chores, that gets the best results when left to professionals. However, there are also other difficult to clean areas or items in the home that Montclair residents (and even businesses) may find is best left to professionals, such as upholstery and mattress cleaning and mold and mildew removal. However, finding a company that is reliable and offers quality services to the residents of Montclair could be a difficult endeavor. Luckily, there is one carpet cleaning company that services Montclair residences and businesses and is known for high quality and professional carpet cleaning and more. That company is Allure Carpet Cleaning.

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Cleaning Services Allure Carpet Cleaning Offers

Allure Carpet Cleaning offers both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services as well as a variety of other cleaning services. Here is a brief look at the services they offer.

Carpet Cleaning

For individual apartments and homes, businesses that have carpeting, as well property management companies and apartment complexes. No carpet cleaning job is too large or too small for Allure to tackle.

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Area Rug Cleaning Services

From those old and priceless antique area rugs that has been in your family for generations to latest area rug fabric blends Allure carpet cleaning will clean your area rugs regardless of size leaving them not only clean, but fresh smelling as well.

Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning your home’s upholstered furniture can be a daunting and difficult task for any family or family member, and Allure Carpet Cleaning can take over that task and clean your upholstery including those large sofas and even your mattresses for you saving you time that is better spent with your family or on other commitments.

Upholstery Cleaning
Boat Cleaning

Boat Cleaning Services

Allure Carpet Cleaning knows how important your boat is to you and to your family and they will help you keep it in tip top conditions by cleaning your boat’s carpeting, area rugs and upholstery.

What Damage Repair

Water damage can happen to any home or business at any time, and this type of damage needs to dealt with quickly and effectively to help prevent further damage caused by moist conditions and the growth of mold and mildew. Allure Carpet Cleaning has skilled professional water damage repair technicians that can take care of that water damage for you and return your home to its original condition.

Water Damage repair
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Duct Cleaning

Over time the air ducts in your home can collect, dirt, dust, allergens and pollens and having them professionally cleaned by Allure Carpet Cleaning will not only result in your home being more dust free, but will also improve the air quality in your home.

Additional Services

While Allure Carpet Cleaning provides mold and mildew removal, pet stain and odor removal and spot and stain removal as part of other services such as carpet, upholstery or water damage repair services, they are also more than happy to provide these services as an individual service should you need these separate services. For example, a brand new rug may not need to be cleaned, but you may want a wine spot or spill removed before it gets ground deep into the carpet fibers, and we can remove those spots for you.

Why Choose Allure Carpet Cleaning as Your Professional Cleaning Service of Choice?

You may be wondering why you choose Allure Carpet Cleaning as Your Professional Cleaning Service. There are several reasons why we are considered one of the top cleaning services in Montclair including:

Professional and Trained Cleaning Technicians

Allure Carpet Cleaning has been professionally cleaning carpets and providing other cleaning services for 17 years. They are passionate about what they do and their cleaning technicians are well trained licensed and insured and are certified by institute of Inspection, Clearing and Restoration and the Restoration Science Academy

The Right Tools and Products for the Best Results

Allure Carpet Cleaning uses only state of the art cleaning equipment that frequently inspected and kept in excellent working condition to ensure that it does the job the it is designed to do. In addition, they only use green cleaning products because they are safer for you, your children and pet then chemical cleaners.

Extended Cleaning Hours

Allure Carpet Cleaning wants to make using their services as convenient for you as possible so they keep extended cleaning hours from 8am to 8pm, and offer same day services for your convenience.

Free Consultation

The people at Allure Carpet Cleaning knows how nerve wracking it can be to hire strangers to come into your home to perform any type of cleaning, which is why they proudly offer all potential customers a free consultation. During this consultation you will get to meet some of the staff, they will discuss with your their cleaning methods, their tools and cleaning products and answer any questions you may have. They will also give you a free estimate for the cost of their services to meet your individual and specific needs.

To learn more about the services Allure Carpet Cleaning offers why not visit their website at and browse through any services you may be interested in or give them a call at 1-732-301-6555 their operators will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, set up a free consultation, or a cleaning appointment or assist you in any other way that they can. All you need to do is log onto your computer or make one quick phone call to get the information you want and need about Allure Carpet Cleaning in Montclair.

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