Spotless Sofas: Keeping Upholstery Clean Throughout Rumson

For many families, upholstery cleaning is entirely preventative. They may strive not to eat, drink, or wear dirty clothes on couches and chairs, but if despite their efforts they stain the upholstery, they treat it as a lost cause. Allure Carpet Cleaning takes pride in restoring stained upholstery. We have the technology and expertise to eliminate even the toughest stains, helping families throughout Rumson reclaim their favorite furniture.


Fabric Features

Different fabrics require different cleaning methods, so our first step in cleaning any Rumson home is to assess the type of material. We can then determine which cleaning methods will be ideal. The most common upholstery fabrics include:

  • Rayon is made out of wood, and thus has many of the same advantages and disadvantages that wooden furniture has. It is not vulnerable to moths, but moisture can cause it to expand or shrink, damaging the upholstery. We thus employ only dry cleaning methods for rayon products.
  • Wool is highly flexible and durable against many different forms of damage, but it is vulnerable to damage from water. When this occurs, we can provide specialized water damage restoration. Wool is also vulnerable to moths, which is why it is necessary to clean it regularly and use only dry cleaning methods.
  • Leather is highly vulnerable to water, making many traditional cleaning methods unsuitable. We have developed a procedure geared specifically to cleaning leather upholstery safely.
  • Nylon is one of the most resistant materials on the market, meaning that cleaning is a simple process. Ultraviolet rays from sunlight, however, can cause its color to fade.
  • Polyester is not vulnerable to insects, mildew, or water damage, but it can easily become stained, and such stains are difficult to remove. We provide thorough cleanings to quickly eliminate polyester stains.
  • Cotton resists sunlight and abrasion, and when it becomes stained it is relatively easy to clean. There is a risk of water damage, however.

In addition to examining the material, we also check under the cushions for the manufacturer’s code. With this information, we can select the safest, most effective cleaning method for your furniture.


Common Cleanings

Although our methods vary by fabric, most of our cleanings involve the following steps:

  1. We test the material’s color fastness, or how resistant the color is to running or fading.
  2. We vacuum the upholstery so that there will be no risk of rubbing dirt and debris into its interior.
  3. We pretreat the upholstery with an organic enzyme. This brings stains and spots to the surface, making them easier to clean.
  4. We use hot water and an organic detergent to extract dirt, oils, and other materials from the depths of the fabric.
  5. We perform a second hot water extraction to make sure that there is no more detergent in the fabric.
  6. If requested, we will treat the upholstery so that it will not be vulnerable to future stains, microbes, or other threats.

Our standard methods are not effective for leather furniture, so when cleaning those items, we:

  1. Use a cleaning cream to wipe dirt off the fabric’s surface
  2. Heat treat the material so that it will fully benefit from the moisturizing treatment that we use
  3. Perform a second heat treatment to ensure that the material’s pores are open
  4. Apply a leather protector to keep the material safe from stains.

For other materials that are vulnerable to water damage, we perform dry upholstery cleanings, using hot carbonation to loosen up the fibers and clean out dirt and debris. We can also provide anti-microbial cleanings, which prevent bacteria, mold, and mildew from growing within the fabric. The latter service is especially valuable for customers who have asthma or serious allergies.

The Allure Advantage

Allure Carpet Cleaning spares no expense to provide quality carpet cleaning to our Rumson clients. We are fully insured and licensed, and all of our technicians are RSA and IICRC certified. We are also committed to sustainability, which is why we only use organic products to clean your upholstery. Our methods are non-toxic, and thus present no risk to your or your family. They are also safe for all types of fabric, keeping your furniture in good quality for the long run. From the Clean Trust to Angie’s List to the Better Business Bureau, countless professional organizations have recognized us for our high-quality, sustainable service.


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