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Many people forego cleaning carpets and upholstery as they or a member of the family has a poor reaction to the harsh chemicals used in the cleaning process as well as the pungent lingering odors left by the normal carpet and upholstery methodology.

All that changes when you make an appointment with Allure Carpet Cleaning. Allure is a green company. Since 2010, Allure is the go-to carpet and upholstery cleaning company that uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and techniques. Our trained and experienced carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians provide services across the state of New Jersey. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification certifies our technicians as does the Restoration Sciences Academy.

Experienced and certified technicians, the finest “green” products and corporate “can do” attitude that permeates every customer contact makes Allure a top cleaning services company throughout New Jersey.

Carpet Cleaning

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We provide the best carpet cleaning services that gives your carpet flawless look.

Upholstery Cleaning

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We use the most advanced methods for the finest cleaning of your upholstered furniture.

Water damage repair

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We offer the fastest and complete water damage repair services around the town with our fully trained staff.

Rug Cleaning

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Get our spotless rug cleaning services & restores the beauty.

Mattress cleaning

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We keep it with gentle clean to make your sleep pleasant and comfortable.

Boat cleaning

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Get the most detailed boat cleaning services set01 cleaning company and restore your valuable investment.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Homeowners and businesses invest in carpeting to take advantage of its versatility. When carpets are maintained on a scheduled basis these features continue. Allure, using its green technology gets your carpets clean and smelling great. There is no danger of harm to kids or pets from toxic chemicals as at Allure we only use organic products that give a great cleaning result without toxicity.

Depending on traffic, carpets should be cleaned once or twice a year. For heavily trafficked areas call us on an as needed basis. Staying ahead of ground in carpeting dirt and bacteria leaves your carpets looking like new and without an offensive chemical odor.

Difficult to remove stains are no longer a reason to tear carpeting up – this is an expensive solution. Instead, call Allure and see why so many of our customers tell their friends and relatives how Allure Carpet Cleaning saved them money while making their home or business look and smell clean.

Our Rug Cleaning Services

Allure does more than wall-to-wall carpet cleaning. Our customers trust us with their most expensive and prized rugs.

You can be sure that your expensive area rugs will be treated gently with our eco-friendly cleaning techniques. Your rugs are expertly cleaned and all its color restored to like-new vibrancy.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Services

Cleaning of upholstered furniture in your home or office normally involves a process where the homeowner or cleaning service vacuums sofa and chairs on a weekly basis. This is a great way for keeping the upholstered fabric looking clean, but is not effective for doing deep cleaning the way Allure of New Jersey does.

Allure uses special organic cleaners to revive fabrics and leave them as bright, refreshed, and clean-smelling as possible. Our cleaning solutions are never harsh and never contain toxic chemicals so they are safe for pets and kids. Many of our customers like to schedule their carpets, rugs, and upholstery for cleaning before the holidays so that homes are more inviting to holiday family visitors as well as friends.

Our Mattress Cleaning Service

Have you ever wondered if you need to clean your mattress? Have you ever wondered how to clean a mattress? Experts agree that a mattress should be professionally cleaned twice a year. If that number seems high to you, consider this: mattresses absorb not only dust mites and dirt but also dead skin cells, perspiration, body oils, and odors from perfume and lotions.

Water Damage Restoration

Water soaked carpet, drywall, and furniture quickly turn into a disaster if not cleaned up immediately following an incident that leads to flooding of a single room or an entire home or business.

Using our vast knowledge of fabric care, organic cleaning products, high-powered vacuums and fans, Allure takes care of water damage the right way – we even remove water from the dry wall! Flood clean-up is beyond the ability of most homeowners or business cleaning services, but Allure has the experience and training to get water out fast and let your routine return to normal as soon as possible.

Boat Cleaning Services

Your home isn’t the only place that features carpets and upholstery. Does your boat have any carpeted areas or area rugs? Do your berths feature mattresses? Do you have other upholstered furniture aboard your vessel? Don’t neglect the carpet and furniture on your boat! If you are in need of a boat cleaning Allure Carpet Cleaners is your answer.

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Clients Testimonials

100% Satisfaction

"Tom just left and he did a wonderful job. This company does care about their customers. I can recommend, and my carpets and furniture are now fresh and clean despite my cats’ best efforts to ruin them."

- Jane Foran

Highly Recommended

"After wasting an entire Saturday on trying to clean my carpets on my own, I decided to give you a call. At first I was a little hesitant to pay someone to do something I thought I could do myself, but I am glad I did!"

- Saffiyah Azimulla


"Highly recommend this company. Everyone was professional and courteous from beginning to end. They were able to restore my carpets to the original form."

- Alan Sasson

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