Protect Your Investment in Fine Rugs

Fine area rugs can be beautiful hand-made antiques often referred to as Oriental rugs. These area rugs provide beauty and warmth to rooms throughout your home or business. On solid surface floors, they may be used as runners which are used in high-traffic areas and get more wear than rugs used over carpet or in areas of solid flooring that are not high-traffic.

Dover home and business owners invest in high-end rugs for appearance, comfort, and sound control. A good rug can last for decades with proper care. Proper care includes regular vacuum cleaning, rapid blotting of potential stains then a rinse with cold water (hot water will set stains) and routine professional rug cleaning before your rugs look as if they need cleaning.


Emergency Spot Cleaning Dover

Never soak the rug as you only need to remove the stain from the rug and not the backing which will hold water and may cause mold or mildew. A good idea is to fill a spray bottle with water to spray the stain and blot it up.

Unfortunately, as many Dover home and business owners know, emergency rug stain removal doesn’t always work. So, if you have a stain that you could not clean entirely, call Allure Carpet Cleaners at (732) 301-6555. Removing a stain soon after it occurs is the best thing to do as old stains set and are more difficult to remove.

Allure Rug Cleaning Service Dover

Allure Carpet Cleaning began in 2010 serving all of Dover. It rapidly became the go-to rug cleaning company for homeowners and business owners throughout the state. Our rug cleaning service technicians use only organic cleaning solutions on your rugs, so they are cleaned gently and thoroughly without any after-cleaning chemical odor.

We clean all types of area rugs including:

  • Persian / Oriental
  • Pakistani / Indian
  • Chinese / Silk rugs
  • Antique rugs / Handmade rugs
  • Custom made domestic rugs
  • Many more

Allure is Green!

Allure’s highly trained rug cleaning technicians only use organic cleaners in their cleaning solutions. This means that your carpets have no harsh chemical smells lingering after the cleaning crew completes your rug and carpet cleaning job. You can be comfortable letting your kids and pets on your rugs after cleaning by Allure. Also, companies can point to their rug and carpet cleaning by Allure as another step in reducing their carbon footprint.

No Toxic Chemicals…

Most rug and carpet cleaning companies use cleaning products containing toxic chemicals such as perchloroethylene or “perc.” It is often used in dry cleaning and is well-known for causing fatigue, dizziness, and nausea if ingested or inhaled. Government agencies warn that exposure may cause liver or kidney damage. All products used by Allure are safe for humans and pets.

While our technology uses gentle cleaning all natural rug cleaning solutions, they are effective. Pet stains from urine or feces are not only unsightly, they often smell awful too. Nevertheless, our technicians, armed with our all-organic cleaning technology excels at removing the spot and the odor characterized by pet stains on rugs.

As technicians work on dirty rugs, allergens, mud, dirt, grime build-up, as well as other particles that settle into your fine rug fibers are removed. Our Dover organic cleaning service will leave your carpets looking showroom new.

Allure rug cleaning technicians are experienced

Allure rug cleaning technicians are experienced fine rug cleaners and hold certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, more commonly known as the IICRC, and the Restoration Services Association (RSA).  Both organizations promote excellence in the carpet cleaning industry.

We will pick up your rugs or clean them in place. We never charge for pick up and delivery.

Dirt, grime, sand, and pebbles sink down to the ceiling facing part of your carpeting. Through daily traffic and vacuuming, the dirt is forced too deep into the rug for your vacuum to remove – this is why you need an annual professional rug cleaning. Rugs that are subject to heavy traffic with heavy soiling may need cleaning on a more frequent basis.

Homeowners and businesses spend time and money unnecessarily on spot cleaners, rug shampoos, and products that mask odors. They are simply unable to reach deep down and give you a finished rug that looks fresh and smells clean – often, stains reappear shortly after a cleanup.

Professional rug cleaning by Allure offers convenience, excellence, and an affordable price. Call us today for a free estimate at (732) 301-6555.

Call Allure Now!

Winters in Dover are harsh and sidewalks and walkways are filled with slush, dead leaves and other dirt and debris. The holiday season brought more traffic into your home and business and rugs had more use than normal. Call Allure now at (732) 301-6555 for a free estimate and to schedule a professional rug cleaning using organic, non-toxic products.

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