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Sometimes, a thorough cleaning of your home or business’s carpet is just not quite enough to take all the spots and stains away. When that happens, you need targeted spot treatment that will get out tough, stubborn stains. At Allure Carpet Cleaning, we proudly provide spot and stain removal to ourMontville clients, so they can love the look and feel of the carpets in their homes and businesses. If you have a commercial or residential carpet that needs cleaned, or you have had the carpet cleaned but spots and stains remain, we are the company to call.


Committed to the Environment

As a green company, we use only organic cleaning products. That makes your home or business safer for people and pets, and can help you feel better about the products we will be using at your location. Our technicians have RSA and IICRC certifications, as well, so you know they will handle the products right and treat your carpets with care.

No matter what kind of spot treatment you need, we are here to give you help and to talk over the options you have for making your carpets look great again. Even if that spot or stain has been there for a long time, it may still be able to be removed with professional treatment.

Spot and Stain Removal

All throughout Montville people love carpet, and there are some great reasons for that. It can:

  • Look really beautiful
  • Give your space a cozy feeling
  • Help keep your home warmer
  • Reduce noise in your home or business
  • help keep your feet warm on cold days.

But once it gets stained and spotted, it can lose its appeal pretty quickly. There’s no reason to shake your head over the look of your carpet any longer, or to wonder if the spots and stains are keeping customers from coming back to your business. Instead, you can let Allure Carpet Cleaning use their spot and stain removal products and techniques to refresh the look and feel of your carpet.

Don’t Give Up On Cleaning the Carpet You Love

Some colors of carpet naturally show stains more easily, and some types and thicknesses of carpet are easier to clean, but spot treatment options exist for every type and color of carpet available. Whether you bought a dark or patterned, office-style carpet for your business, or a luxurious white shag for a treasured, comfortable space in your Montville home, we are the pros who can help you be happy with the look of your carpets once again. Do not give up and just assume you have to replace it, or you just need to learn to live with the stain. There are ways to make your carpet cleaner, fresher, and newer-looking again, with help from Allure Carpet Cleaning.


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