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When you find unnoticed water damage on a carpet or telltale black spotting on a bathroom wall, it’s time to call for professional mold remediation. And you’re not alone; many Ramsey homes and businesses, especially near the coast, were left with recurring mold problems after Hurricane Sandy. Allure Carpet Cleaning can help you get to the bottom of any mold problem, whether it’s a recent one or whether it’s been plaguing the building for years.


The problem with mold

According to the EPA, mold and mildew spores often occur harmlessly in nature, but they can create an extremely hazardous situation inside your home or facility. These spores float through the air unseen and stay dormant until they find a welcoming habitat.

When they get indoors, they can come to rest on practically any surface and then simply wait for good sprouting conditions.Mold can survive in a wide range of temperatures, but it loves to settle down in areas that:

  • Stay damp and/or humid for at least a couple of days
  • Provide “food” for mold (wood, bread, cotton, etc.)
  • Are low in natural light (this is a preference, not a requirement)

No matter how clean you keep your home, a small pocket of humid air near a damp wall can be enough to allow mold to sprout and flourish.

Unfortunately, mold can have significant negative effects on health: some people are allergic to it, while previously non-allergic people may develop an allergy if exposed to high concentrations of mold in the air.

Asthma attacks can also be triggered by too many mold spores, and people with suppressed immune systems may be at risk of developing serious fungal infections.

Visible mold is only the tip of the iceberg

Mold cleanup may seem simple at first, but it goes deeper than you might expect. No matter how much bleach you use, the roots of the mold can hide untouched inside the floor or the carpet fibers. Your mold problem could come right back!

Allure Carpet Cleaning can help you eradicate the entire fungus, from roots to spores, to prevent resurfacing. We can also use professional air cleaning equipment to win the battle with mold quickly by drying and filtering the air, and we’re experts at helping you work out how to keep mold from resettling in your home in future.

Getting to the root of the problem

Mold remediation services include not only the removal of visible mold and eradication of roots but also containment during cleanup, inspection for hidden mold elsewhere in the building, and safe, eco-friendly processes to maximize safety and minimize risk.

Our IICRC-certified mold removal specialists use modern, reliable organic mold treatments, and RSA certification shows that we value a scientific, efficient approach.

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If you want to schedule a mattress cleaning or if you want to learn more about our services, please call Allure Carpet Cleaners at 732-301-6555. We clean mattresses, carpets and more for residential and commercial clients throughout Ramsey. Our IICRC and RSA certified technicians have the training, experience and skills needed to provide high-quality cleaning services.


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